Just do it. Do not procrastinate.
The course is divided into modules and each module subdivided. All very easy to navigate and listen to. Love that each video has timings on subjects so I’ve gone back to re-listen to it- it’s like the gift that keeps giving. There is a decent workbook which is clearly set out. Andrea has been so giving and shares a wealth of information. She is a delight and easy to listen to. My biggest takeaways were on how to dress and what equipment to use. I had to do a recording yesterday and it was so much better than my previous ones because of so many of the tips I’ve picked up. Thank you Andrea.

I appreciate Andrea's honesty, integrity, and transparency in sharing her own story and showing us how to be more comfortable in front of the camera and in public speaking. I have learned a lot from her about how to manage stress and challenge our belief systems. Thank you Andrea for bringing this valuable training to us!

I found it very helpful to learn about conducting research, addressing challenging situations, and the importance of follow-up. I have been aspiring to appear on television for a while now, and I feel much more prepared after gaining this valuable information.

I love seeing how you can look professional, do a great presentation job, and still be completely your natural self.

I loved the tip: ‘Imagine you really like them’. I think this is a great tip to take into all the options we have to present. It’s coming to it with a better attitude and frame of mind, thank you!

You have such a way with words! Thanks for all of the tips. Great advice all round.

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